Patriot Mike Flynn Abused by a Mueller-Manipulated Criminal Injustice System

Anthony Scaramucci to Newsmax TV: ‘Reverse the Debacle’ of Flynn Case

By Jason Devaney

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci told Newsmax TV that he has a hard time believing his former colleague Michael Flynn broke the law as the FBI claims.

Scaramucci spoke with John Bachman on “Newsmax Now” about Flynn, who was due to be sentenced Tuesday for lying to the FBI before the judge postponed the sentencing for several months in order for Flynn to provide more information to special counsel Robert Mueller.

“I’m a huge fan of the general, I worked closely with him on the campaign and sat right across from him on the transition,” said Scaramucci, the author of “Trump: The Blue-Collar President.”

“Loved the president, really understood the president’s base, an exceptional American. When you’re listening to the story now, it’s hard to really understand what he did that was so wrong. Obviously, the recommendation of not giving him jail time I think is quite meaningful . . . hopefully he gets something even better than that, where they just totally reverse the debacle.”

Scaramucci has a Wall Street background but worked on President Donald Trump’s campaign and transition teams. Trump eventually hired him to lead the White House communications shop in July 2017, but he was fired after just 11 days.

Scaramucci told Bachman that Trump is “an insurgent” serving in swampy Washington, D.C.

“He’s an insurgent,” Scaramucci said. “He represents change. The swamp does not like change. The swamp has the best immunological system you can think of because these people are all infested and they’re making money off of each other.

“Here comes a guy that can’t really be bought . . . so they’re working super aggressively to knock him out.”

He also called the nation’s capital “a disgusting place. The American people need to know however bad they think it is, it’s actually way, way worse. These people have no morals. They have no sense of compass of what’s right and wrong . . . 90-plus percent of them really only care about themselves and how they’re gonna feather their own beds.”


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