“We are all Frenchmen!” — A Yellow Vest Parisian Explains the Burgeoning Worldwide Movement Against Globalism


FRANCE HAS A MESSAGE FOR THE WORLD !!!RIC Mouvement: Referendum Initiated by the CitizensTAKE YOUR YELLOW VESTS, COME TOGETHER AND CHANGE THE WORLD !!!The RIC Mouvement is fighting for the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to TRIGGER A NATIONAL Referendum FROM the People, FOR the People and BY the PeopleTHANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND VIVA LA REVOLUTION <3Please join this page for more info :https://www.facebook.com/RICReferendumInitiatedCitizen#OuiToRIC#Oui2RIC#YesToRIC#Yes2RIC#ReferendumInitiatedCitizens#ReferendumInitiatedbyCitizens#ReferendumInitiatedbytheCitizens#MAKEthisVIRAL

Posted by Roman Light on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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