Alt Media website — — has Facebook account censored, loses over 5000 followers

Let’s help them build it back up.

What follows are just a few of the excellent articles News Paradigm regularly post.  Their outstanding content distinguishes them as one of the premier alternative news sites of the Alt Media.

#Pedogate: How Trump Cabinet Member Kept Jeffrey Epstein Out of Prison
According to the report, local and federal investigators had gathered enough evidence to put Epstein away for life in 2007 when then-US Attorney Alexander Acosta met with one of Epstein’s lawyers, Jay Lefkowitz.

Earth Becomes Darker as Geoengineers Increase GLOBAL DIMMING

“PARADISE” Was Central Meeting Location For NEW CALIFORNIA Statehood Movement.

Lawyers For 9/11 Inquiry Announce Progress Assembling Special Grand Jury

California Fires – Evidence of Arson by Directed Energy Weapons

ABEL DANGER: “Catastrophe Bond Market” – Vulture Profit From California Fires

Federal Prosecutor, Beranton J. Whisenant Jr, Found Dead in Wasserman-Schultz District Ruled “SUICIDE”

George Soros Ties to State Department Implicated in Mass Shooting Psyops

CLOUDFLARE – How Joe Sullivan Is Rigging Florida Elections

BROWARD COUNTY: Headquarters for Israeli Mossad False Flag Ops and Mass Casualty Events

LAS VEGAS SHOOTING: The UF Law School Student Who Survived a Gunshot Wound

NWO Black Budget Exposed: $21 Trillion “Exchange Stabilization Fund”

A Permanent Ban on Geoengineering: A Hands Off Mother Earth Manifesto

Did the Air Force Weaponize Hurricane Michael?

Their Facebook page can be accessed by the link: 


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