SF Bay Area Resident Poses Hard Questions About the Camp Fire in Paradise CA Which Point Directly to a Highly Organized Arson Plot (Video)


Camp Fire Paradise CA Police Scanner Radio Recording May Offer Some Clues to this Arson Fire

Submitted by FEB

This is a condensed version of some audio I recorded during the first few hours of the devastating Camp fire on Nov. 8 2018. Please let me know what you think, it is intense and just unbelievable that a WILDFIRE would travel so violently and rapidly through a town that it trapped people in their cars and homes, unable to even make a run for it.

It has happened before in history, the Peshtigo fire, for example, is the deadliest fire in American history, but there are just too many anomalies and evidences in THIS fire and other recent California wildfires which seem to suggest a much more sinister cause and agenda.

What wildfire has the power to flip over MULTIPLE vehicles? What wildfire burns large areas without warning, leveling buildings and leaving others directly in its path unscathed?

What wildfire is hot enough to burn porcelain? What wildfire is capable of destroying an entire town with virtually no warning in the technological era of communication and information?

What wildfire burns in single lines across a forested hill? What wildfire leaves foliage and grass but lets a building right next to it burn for as long as it takes a wildfire to consume a house and reduce it to ash but leaves the pine needles and grass RIGHT next to it completely alone?!

What wildfire can burn a 100,000 square foot building to ash with seemingly no entry point because all the foliage and trees surrounding the building are still standing, not even charred. What wildfire burns multiple cars on the freeway?

What wildfire melts holes through cars?

What wildfire can melt steel and put holes in bridges but leave the trees next to it unharmed?

What wildfire can turn a semi truck to ash in the middle of the highway and melt the semi behind it but leave the logs in the back of the semi whole and only singed?

Like I said, there are simply too many questions and anomalies, ask questions, investigate and always question the official narrative. Maybe this recording holds another clue or will give us a new perspective on what’s really going on behind the scenes.

If you’re interested in knowing how I recorded this, just download a free Police Scanner Radio app on your smart phone or tablet and be the first to know when any major event occurs in this country – even BEFORE the news!

— Posted by FEB at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwI9mVRlNR4&t=553s 


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