Very perceptive woman who witnessed the devastating 2017 Santa Rosa fires recounts some very strange happenings

Burned Out Northern California Fire Victim Speaks Out, Questions Directed Energy Weapons

Watch and listen to her powerful presentation here: VIDEO

What follows are key points and takeaways from her testimony. The woman is speaking specifically about the Santa Rosa CA fire of 2017 where she lived at that time.

• She says that a lot of odd things of this event “do not add up”

• Her phone land line went dead prior to the fire starting.

• Thick smoke yet no fire trucks.

• She found a local report which said fires are two
miles from her house and will let her know if
“evacuations are called for”.

• That nite, 3 hours later, they came door to door and
said to evacuate.

• Many fires all at the same time within 2 to 4 hours

• How did embers fly that far that fast?

• There were hurricane winds all of sudden
which never happens there at nite.

• Afterwards the streets were clean.

• The houses turned to ash in their footprint.

• Trees nearby did not burn.

• The ashcan did not burn.

• Not a regular fire; completely incinerated the houses.

• She explains DEWs that have been developed since 2003
and suspects this must have been used to make the fires.

Agenda 21, the UN plan to move people to certain areas,
she shows a planned map of her area where the
“core reserves” will be located thus not allowing much
space for residential housing

• She discusses the home insurance difficulties.


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