Are the voting results in Florida being manipulated throughout Election Day?



by Jim Stone, Freelance Investigator

They are claiming that over half the current votes have been for Democrat now, and that tomorrow they will be even farther ahead. That’s not possible, machines are flipping votes. This will be repeated elsewhere also. If they are this brazenly stealing it already, they, as I predicted, intend to steal the whole damn thing because it is their only hope. Once investigations start, fraudulent players will bury it all. They fully intend to get away with it.

Don’t for a minute believe the reports that the Dems are going to lose, in reality, they absolutely will lose hugely. But they will steal it, and “win”, with the only hope being overwhelming numbers of actual voters getting out and voting. Chances are the machines are pre programmed to ensure a Dem win no matter what but we have to hope for that to somehow fail.


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