Grand Jury Info Leaked to Media by Mueller in Violation of Law


Larry Klayman to Newmax TV: Mueller Illegally Leaking Grand Jury Information

By Brian Freeman

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been illegally leaking grand jury information, former federal prosecutor Larry Klayman told Newsmax TV on Monday.

“We have constant leaks of what’s going on in the grand jury, and it can’t just be witnesses who are coming forward, because much of it is internal,” said Klayman, who is founder of Freedom Watch and one of Mueller’s most vocal critics.

Klayman stressed that it is a crime to release grand jury information to the public “because that’s the way you can harm people who were never indicted for anything.”

He also insisted that the entire special counsel investigation is unconstitutional because Mueller has “exceeded his authority granted to him by the Justice Department by going way beyond Russian collusion into other things.”

He added that it’s also unconstitutional, because “there is no crime, so it is an investigation in search of a crime.”

Klayman said Trump’s lawyers have made a mistake by not challenging the probe all the way to the Supreme Court

Klayman warned that if Republican lose the House in the midterm election and Democrats take control, “there’s going to be an inquisition the likes of which we have never seen.”


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