These 10 conservatives are being aggressively targeted by Pelosi


SOTN Editor’s Note: Folks in these districts really need to get out and vote…or else. Rep. Jim Jourdan even wrote a letter about the situation that certain conservatives are facing as posted below.

Dear Fellow Conservative:

These 10 conservatives will vote against making Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House and for President Trump’s Agenda.

And you can help these principled conservatives win their key races by contributing now.

Nancy Pelosi is targeting these courageous candidates for defeat so she can become Speaker and stop President Trump’s Make America Great Again Agenda. Don’t let Pelosi win! Act now!

U.S. House Candidates being targeted

The House Freedom Fund is on the front lines in this battle and is working hard to push these candidates on to victory.

Nancy Pelosi’s path back to the Speakership runs right through these 10 toss-up races.

We must make our stand here.

By winning these 10 races, not only will we stop Pelosi, but we’ll also build a meaningful conservative majority in the House of Representatives that will pass President Trump’s Agenda.

We need Republicans like these 10 conservatives who will deliver on the Trump Agenda and will build the wall, repeal Obamacare, reform welfare, and defund Planned Parenthood.

Make no mistake: Nancy Pelosi and her leftwing allies are charging hard at these 10 solid conservatives right now, and if they lose, we lose the House.

If that happens, brace yourself for Nancy Pelosi to lead the Democrats in an all-out war against President Trump.

President Trump will be besieged by impeachment, investigations, and obstruction that will tear apart America.

Don’t let that happen!

Thank you for doing your part to elect conservative leaders with will stand with President Trump and me.

Together, we’ll make America great again.

Jim Jourdan


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