Deep State’s Final October Surprise: Float a rumor about a Mueller subpoena for Trump


Trump, Lawyers Say Mueller Didn’t Try to Subpoena President

Special counsel Robert Mueller (Rex Features/AP)



The White House pushed back on a report that claimed special counsel Robert Mueller is in the process of trying to subpoena President Donald Trump for the Russia investigation.

Hours after Politico published an op-ed that said Mueller and Trump’s lawyers are discussing a subpoena, Trump himself said the story was false.

Trump gave a simple “no” when asked if Mueller is attempting to issue him a subpoena, Politico reported.

Others also denied the claim, including Jay Sekulow, one of Trump’s lawyers.

“There has been no subpoena issued and there is no litigation,” Sekulow told Politico.

Added Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani: “Totally wrong, not even a bit of truth.”

The earlier Politico story put several pieces together and hypothesized Trump was subpoenaed to appear before one of Mueller’s grand juries over the summer.

Mueller’s investigation began in May 2017 amid claims Trump’s campaign colluded with the Russians to defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton.


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