A Response to: “My friends at Google: it is time to return to not being evil”


Comment posted by Fudmier

In short your message suggest a corporation might be or become a dangerous, high-tech capable Trojan horse; offering functionality and gated market access in exchange for a monopoly on controlling and manipulating everyone’s access to “present information to others or to receive information from others”; hummm?

Should humanity allow corporations to obtain so much power they could “deny the conduct of private interpersonal speech and other communicative interactions (where you obtain your license to speak from corporation X), or from a government protecting the right of the corporation to control communicative interaction?

I observe that the globally interspersed intelligence services, especially those friendly to criminal activities, have long sought a means to interactively adjust the total available information-environment to behavioral human feedback, and at the same time, to earn massive revenues by providing marketeers with access to willing buyers.

The sought after end result has been moving, it seems to me, to use the laws of the nations, the strength of military, the technology of our times, the inequity of corporate wealth and the market power of corporate monopoly in a coordinated and highly integrated fashion; seeking to control and regulate all human behaviour and thought; essentially to rule the world.

The transition from political process to corporate decision reminds of the American colonist who suffered so under British colonial corporate control.

Corporate boardroom would replace existing political process? Strategies developed in a corporate boardroom would seek to punish non-conforming human thought or actions; those who deviate will be flogged? Humans must fit their thoughts and behaviours within the standard range; and the standard would be established by those who now hold positions attached to “information”, “monopoly power, “thought control”, “propaganda propagation”, “use of military force” and/or “political authority”. In short, information, and the technology to use and control it, could be used to enslave all of humanity. This is especially a concern as robots, and algorithms to control the robots, come on line.

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