Democrat Insanity: Sen. Cory Booker says guilt no longer matters with a straight face


Is Kavanaugh innocent or guilty? Democrat senator says it doesn’t matter, sparking Twitter outrage

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New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is facing a swift Twitter backlash after saying he believes it is time to “move on” to a new Supreme Court candidate regardless of whether Brett Kavanaugh is “innocent or guilty” of sexual assault.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Booker said that Kavanaugh’s “credibility has been challenged by intimates” in his life and that “enough questions” have been raised to justify moving on to a new candidate for the Supreme Court, whether he is guilty of sexual assault or not. Kavanaugh has been accused of attempted rape by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, but has denied that the assault, which allegedly took place in 1982, ever happened.

Booker also said the US was facing a “moral moment”  and that Americans should ask themselves: “Is this the right person to sit on the highest court in the land for a lifetime appointment?” But the senator’s seeming indifference to Kavanaugh’s innocence or guilt quickly raised eyebrows online.

Former White House advisor Sebastian Gorka tweeted that Booker had engaged in “character assassination” of Kavanaugh and had no right to suggest that his innocence or guilt was irrelevant. In another tweet, Gorka reminded his followers that Booker himself had admitted groping a girl in high school when he was 15 years old.

Donald Trump Jr. also responded to Booker, saying he had “slandered” Kavanaugh for weeks “in order to ruin his life” and said that people who agreed with Booker are “truly sick”.

Other Twitter users were also quick to criticize Booker, calling him a “conman,” a “disgrace” to the country and saying he should be given a “copy of the constitution” to read.

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