Email Proof: A U.S. Senator Conspired with 3 Media Outlets to Smear Kavanaugh



Hal Turner Radio Show

Internal Emails Turned Over To FBI Show the Smear Campaign Against Brett Kavanaugh Was Pre-Planned And Coordinated By A Senator And Major News Outlets.

A **major** news organization, trying to cover itself during the new FBI Investigation into Judge Brett Kavanaugh, has turned over to the FBI email exchanges between one of their Reporters and a sitting U.S. Senator.

The news organization revealed emails from the Senator which instructed media outlets “. . . to push multiple stories but not all at once.” At least one of the emails said “We need these all spread out for maximum impact to delay his nomination and reclaim the seats needed to outlast the administration.”

The allegations against Kavanaugh were to be “staggered out to trigger public opinion calling for an FBI investigation” when one was not needed because the senators receiving the allegations knew they were already faked/not credible. It was a coordinated smear campaign between a United States Senator, 3 major newspapers, and a news network, to allegedly “criminally obstruct” the operation of the Judiciary Committee and of government operations.

Fearing being criminally charged for a Conspiracy to leak confidential US Senate Information, the news organization and its Reporter SOUGHT — and were GRANTED — Immunity!

The new FBI Investigation into Judge Kavanaugh is expected to be completed Tuesday. No credible evidence of any crime has been uncovered and the allegations being leveled against Kavanaugh have all been deemed “not credible.”

Expect to see Indictments and perhaps even a few arrests, in connection with the events reported above.


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