Graham: Investigate ‘Despicable’ Rollout of Kavanaugh Allegations


Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is animated in comments during a hearing with Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh with the a Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, September 27, 2018 on Capitol Hill. (Photo by Melina Mara-Pool/Getty Images)
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By Cathy Burke

Sen. Lindsey Graham on Sunday declared he’ll call for an investigation of the Democrats’ rollout of Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, calling it “a despicable process.”

In an interview on ABC News’ “This Week,” the South Carolina Republican asserted there was a betrayal of Ford’s trust in leaking her initial confidential accusation.

“Who in [California Democrat Sen. Dianne] Feinstein’s office betrayed her trust?” Graham said. “Why Dr. Ford didn’t know we were willing to come to California. We’ll do a wholesale investigation of what I think was a despicable process.”

Graham added that he also hoped an investigation would reveal “who referred Dr. Ford to a lawyer that was a political activist” and whether anyone on the Senate Judicial Committee sent the letter to the media “so the hearing would be delayed.”

Words were put in his mouth that he didn’t say,” he added. “He’s accused of being a gang rapist. A bumbling, stumbling drunk. A degenerate person. He was hit by a truck. My problem is with the people who did this to him, not how he responded. I’ve known him for 20 years. We’ll get to the bottom of how he was treated, and why.”

Graham also reiterated his intention to vote for Kavanaugh absent a “bombshell” uncovered by the FBI as it investigates the allegation.

“I think he’s highly qualified,” Graham asserted. “His life was ruined here. I’m going to vote for him unless some bombshell comes out that I don’t know about. I’m going to look into the process that led to this… effort to destroy this good man.”

He also took a shot at Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, for telling men to “shut up.”

“Senator Hirono said men need to shut up,” he said. “I got [this] job from the men and women of South Carolina. I’m not going to shut up.”


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