Mueller Outright Lied To Trump Attorney (Video)


Ex-Trump Lawyer John Dowd: Mueller ‘Didn’t Keep His Word’

By Cathy Burke | NEWSMAX

President Donald Trump’s former lead lawyer said special counsel Robert Mueller “didn’t keep his word” about the probe of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election.

In remarks to Fox News’ Sean Hannity, John Dowd said it was Mueller’s initial “suggestion that we ought to engage and work together and we said ‘fine.'”

But now, Dowd said, “I regret relying on him because he didn’t keep his word. And I believed he would keep his word.”

According to Dowd, Mueller promised he “wouldn’t let any grass grow” as he conducted the probe.

“Every meeting and communication we had . . . we stressed how important it was and how his inquiry was a great burden on the president, that interfered with the president’s ability to lead this country, particularly in foreign affairs,” Dowd said. “He said he took that very seriously. On and on, he gave me his word that he would do it.”

But Dowd asserted late last year, Mueller said despite getting 1.4 million documents from Trump’s legal team, he believed he would have to talk to the president.

“And we said, ‘what do you not know that we have not given you? That only the president knows?’ And he could never answer that question,” Dowd said. “That’s when, I saw a stall going on, and I just lost complete faith in him.”


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