CASEY CODDING: LaVoy Finicum’s Killer Identified, Photo of Oregon State Patrol Officer Posted After Judge Sealed His Identity

Leaked: This is the OSP cop who murdered LaVoy Finicum!


I’m posting this on Steemit so everyone can share it from a location the government cannot touch.

It’s time we started refusing answer to fake courts and their secret trails. Despite public outcry, trials against protestors and even charges against FBI agent for the filing of a false report in the murder, the man who pulled the trigger has been, known only as Officer #1 until today.

Thanks to recent testimony we know activist’s death was a pre-planned assassination. But corrupt judges have sealed the identity of the officer directly responsible for the murder and even given him a promotion.

Today someone leaked the name of the Oregon State Patrol officer behind the slaying. The real name of officer #1 CASEY CODDING and this is a photo of him. The world has a right to know the names and the faces of the criminals that viloate our highest laws and murder our families.

Casey is not denying the killing. He’s actually being praised by the government actions. In fact he is being praised as a hero for helping the FBI and other OSP officers setup an illegal roadblock to ambush to kill the activist. As members of the human race we demand that he answer for the crimes of which is accused of and be given the due process he and he and his #blueisis friends have denied us.


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