Is Reddit using Google tag manager to censor users?

Submitted by MCN

I believe I have evidence to demonstrate that reddit seems to have tagged certain users as deplorables using google tag manager (gtm), and that this tagging reduces visibility and archivability of their posts on reddit through various means

Take for example this url
in, this url will be visible as its loading, and then it will conclude by hot-loading a blank white page.
The javascript responsible for this?
And you can see on there are BIG BLACK jailbars over the content with O C, which is within an easily deleted <svg> tag using developer tools, but what regular user would know that?
I didn’t know what GTM / jail was so I googled it, and came up with another reddit post where someone else had discovered the same thing

Going deeper, I found a page of metadata that confirms it’s google tag manager

So there you have it.  I noticed this behavior before on my other posts.  It seems my account(s) have been marked with a tag that ‘jails’ my content; and it does so by making a determination to replace content with whitespace in; suggesting that the two are working together to suppress, likewise reddit is colluding with google to deploy a wide ‘master suppression’ strategy against ‘deplorables’, the technological underclass.
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