Irrational Hatred of President Trump Threatens Potential For Peace

McKinleyville, CA
July 16, 2018

by Rich Scheck

The intense hatred by many political leaders and pundits of all things Trump is serving as
an obstruction to Peace.

As expressed so well by the two authors below, those calling themselves Progressives
and their colleagues on the Left despise this president so much that they would risk war
with Russia rather than see progress in defusing the tensions between our nations.

They are joined by the McCainiacs and others on the Right who share an immense disdain
for this president.

Justin Raimondo calls these folks “saboteurs of Peace!” They and their friends in the Media, in the DC Think Tanks and the Republican Party are so resistant to anything Donald Trump does that they are willing to embrace the worst Cold War sensibilities that could readily lead to nuclear confrontation.

The unwillingness and inability of this large cadre of political leaders and opinion
makers to accept the results of the 2016 election is beyond dangerous. It represents
the abandonment of rational thinking and the willing embrace of such nonsense as
the Mueller investigation of Russiagate which has proven nothing accept that the
DOJ and FBI were infiltrated by highly partisan operatives and appointees.

These biased officials were so overwhelmed by Trump’s surprise victory over Hillary
Clinton that they turned their focus away from the obvious misconduct of the former
Secretary of State with her pay-to-play schemes. These enriched her, her husband
and their Clinton Foundation and included links to the Uranium One Scandal that tied
her to Russia.

These DOJ investigators have also failed to expose the depth of corruption linked to the
Awan Brothers infiltration of national security or to solve the “murder” of Seth Rich.

The absurd spectacle of Rod Rosenstein wrapping himself in the flag as he announced
the phony “indictment” of alleged Russian operatives a few days prior to the Trump/Putin
Summit in Helsinki is the culmination of two years of frenzied behavior by those whose
loyalties to the Democratic Party and the Never Trump meme have taken us to this moment of unique historical importance.

Rather than applauding any effort to move the agenda away from confrontation and towards greater understanding, these irrational forces have united in continuing the drumbeat of hatred towards Trump who denounced such misguided thinking for what it is: “foolishness!”

I do not mean to exonerate Mr. Trump from any misdeeds he may have committed or his thin-skinned, narcissistic ways that needlessly exacerbate sensitive policy issues. Such “foolishness” on his part should be rejected: he can and should do better. But all that pales in comparison to what is involved today in Finland between these two global leaders.

I join John Walsh in praying that the press and other naysayers fail in their endeavor to:
“instill in the populace a hatred of Trump that is stronger than the hatred of war.”

The future of humanity may depend on it!


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