NYT Columnist Calls Out CIA-MI6 Asset for Treason

Krugman Cries Treason After Stefan Halper Outed As FBI Infiltrator, There’s Just One Problem…


Friday’s outing of longtime CIA and MI6 asset Stefan Halper as an FBI asset sent to infiltrate the Trump campaign has social media abuzz today. Reactions have ranged from celebration to outrage, with little in between.

To recap, after two weeks of hunting for a “mole” in the Trump campaign, the New York Times and Washington Post both printed incredibly detailed descriptions of Halper – printing all but his name, solidly corroborating a March report by the Daily Caller‘s Chuck Ross about Halper’s meetings with the Trump aides. Neither publication give Ross credit, of course.

Somehow several anti-Trump intellectuals got their wires crossed, conflating President Trump and Senate Intel Committee Chair Devin Nunes’ calls for transparency by the DOJ, with the actual media outlets that exposed Halper.

Senior Brookings Institute fellow, and James Comey’s close friend, Benjamin Wittes is beside himself – angrily tweeting: “I have a whole lot to say about how the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and the President of the United States teamed up to out an intelligence source…,” adding in a subsequent tweet “But I am too angry to write right now—and Twitter is probably not the right forum. So I’ll leave it at this for now: Important people defiled their oaths of office for these stories to appear.”

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