The Urgent Need To Find A Positive Way Forward


Bellingham, WA
June 16, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Many folks think that if you criticize Israel you are either an anti-Semite
or a self-hating Jew.

I reject that simplistic analysis and prefer to rely on the claim that truth is
based on the evidence…………and the evidence of Israeli domination of
American public policy and culture is quite impressive.

I agree with most of what Oliver Stone has to say about the subject:

I also think that Jews are deeply complicit in various plots and machinations on
behalf of Israel that are outlined in some detail here:

All of this defers discussion of Israeli involvement in 9/11 as well as whether
President Trump is actively covering up for them. The Kushner/Sater/Netanyahu
links along with a variety of other incriminating factors including the sale of weapons
to Saudi Arabia despite those 28 pages and JASTA means there are lots of serious
questions that can be raised regarding Trump and 9/11.

With the President illegally escalating US participation in Syria (for the benefit of
Israel), those who oppose his continuation of the failed Bush/Clinton/Obama
Neocon inspired policies of intervention and regime change can only cringe at this
betrayal of his campaign pledges.

With his Secretary of State openly admitting as much about Iran, we are back to
square one regarding a foreign policy that appears to be crafted by Bibi and AIPAC.

Despite the above, the Left’s retreat into a posture of endless personal attacks
against him based on a sore-loser mentality and their sense of entitlement to victory
even with the decrepit Hillary as their champion, makes one reluctant to stir the already
boiling pot even more at this delicate time.

We need to be ending these endless wars and finding the proper leadership to
accomplish that elusive goal. Criticizing Trump for letting Israel dictate how we
act in the world is likely to further weaken him and appear to support the irrational
behavior of those calling for his impeachment………..or worse.

There is no short-term solution to this predicament. We have entered a uniquely
dark period in history with both the United States and Israel playing a key role in
these developments.

The quest for peace, truth and justice must somehow go on despite all we see
unfolding before us on a daily basis. Prayer and right action empowered by
courage and discernment are our best hope for a better future.

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