Why isn’t the Trump administration dealing with the incessant liberal thuggery?



We’re still dealing with the thugs on our own


seattle-riotWelcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily report on all things “Savage.”

In today’s issue: Savage noted the increasingly violent tactics used by the left — who are now calling themselves, ironically, “anti-fascists” — to squelch free speech.

“We know that Ann Coulter was banned in Berkeley. That’s not a big deal to me. We know that she was banned by a city while Michael Savage was banned by an entire nation,” Savage said.

“And what did I actually say when I was banned in Britain?”

Savage continued.

I posed a question to the world.

And I said, amongst other things — here’s the truthful thing of what I said — what are you going to do if a radical Islamic group (and by the way, there were hardly any known groups at the time, but I saw what was coming ), what are you going to do if a radical Islamic group (this was in ’99) gets their hands on a nuclear device, and they threaten to blow up a city, like New York City with a dirty bomb?

Would you rather see 100 million of them killed or 100 million of us killed?

For that, the twisted vermin in the media, who are now attacking Trump, had the nerve to twist my words and said, “Savage said kill 100 million Muslims.”

That’s what happened.

And as a result, the vermin socialists in England banned me from entering an entire nation.

What were they afraid of? What I had to say?

Even true liberals stood up and said, “What are we afraid of? His words?

But anyway, that’s an old story. So I gave up the English cuisine and the dental work they’re famous for. Great.

Then, I wake up today and every day another speaker is being banned somewhere.

Portland parade, I read today, canceled. A rose parade, after protesters — they’re not protesters; they’re domestic terrorists — threatened to rough up Republicans.

Now, I’m sorry. This has gone too far.

I want the DHS, I want the National Guard, to arrest the so-called left-wing fascists! I want them off my streets!

You thought with Trump we’d get some action. We’re getting nothing.

We’re still dealing with the thugs on our own.


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