Is Steven Greer A Mind Control Victim?

Encinitas, CA
November 20, 2016

by Rich Scheck

They say “it takes one to know one!” Dr. Greer has recently accused both
Corey Goode and Bill Tompkins of being victims of military intelligence:

Now comes Michael Salla to rebut those claims and to posit that it is Greer
who may be a MILAB type spokesman………but for the Catholic Church
rather than for some highly classified military space program:

Whatever the truth of the matter, the good news is that the discussion
of all things hidden including the Truth Embargo on the ET phenomena
has emerged as part of the 2016 election following the release of John
Podesta’s e-mails by WikiLeaks.

Are we about to see some form of Operation Blue Beam as suggested by
the Firesign scenario revealed by the e-mails?

How this all plays out in the days ahead under president-elect Trump
remains to be seen and should lend some excitement to the beginning
of his Administration:

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