ALERT – State of Texas Passes THIS Law to Fix the Border WITHOUT Obama

by Angry Patriot

With the Federal Government selectively enforcing – and in some cases not enforcing at all – immigration law, lawlessness on the US-Mexico border has become the status quo.

But Texas Governor Greg Abbott has taken matters of border security and the protection of Texans into his own hands by signing the most comprehensive border security bill any State has ever codified into law.

The result is the “toughest and most comprehensive border security plan of any state in the United States of America.”

“The legislative package provides historic levels of funding to secure the border, establishes a Child Sex Trafficking Prevention Unit, strengthens penalties for human traffickers, increases funding for the border protection unit, and seeks reimbursement from the federal government for Texas funds spent on border issues,” writes Lana Shadwick at

Abbott had declared the initiative a “legislative priority” and one of his “emergency legislative items” during his State of the State address, doing so in the face of a derelict Federal Government.

The Obama Administration, while propagandizing about great works done on the issue of border control and immigration, has effectively ceased enforcing immigration law, and has not only cut back on funding for border security, but actively ordered them to “look the other way” on many aspects of the job.

“We are doing this because border security has turned out to be a real challenge for the people of this state,” Abbot said in a comment after signing the bill into law. “Not just on the border region but across communities across the entire state of Texas.”

Because of the massive area Texas shares with Mexico on the border, Abbott declared securing the border an “emergency issue.” Regarding the passage of the bill out of the Texas Legislature – which meets for only once every two years for a maximum 140 days, Abbot said, “And the Texas legislature responded profoundly, and strongly.”

Abbott said the landmark legislation funds a unique anti-gang program “to dismember the gang operations that are causing havoc for the people of Texas.” This new anti-gang program will operate directly out of the Office of the Governor.

The Governor, speaking in front of a large crowd at the signing ceremony, said there are more than 20,000 criminal gang members associated with cross-border traffic-related crime in Houston alone. There are an estimated 100,000-plus gang members operating across the State of Texas. Much of the crime those gangs trade in emanate from the illegal drug and human trafficking endeavors.

Abbott and Texas are sending a signal to other States that says if you want to secure your borders and protect your people who may very well have to act on your own, at least until the current administration is replaced. Then, if Hillary Clinton wins, that “may” most assuredly will transform into a “will.”

What do you think about Gov. Abbott’s move on the US-Mexico border?


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