PUBLIC SERVANT LETTER doesn’t permit the rampant corruption and criminality in American government




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Dear ____________________________,

This letter and the PUBLIC SERVANTS PLEDGE attached hereto, is presented in good faith, under my intent to protect honest government servants, and help you identify those co-workers you can trust to be honest in the performance of the privileged position to serve the People.

I write to you today from the position of Citizen informing you ( Mr. _______________________, Mr. _____________________ , ) that I am no longer able to express confidence or trust in the majority of my public officials, at any level of government.

I am exercising my right to address my government directly by approaching its officers and employees who are each required to not only protect my right by law, yet more, required to respond to my concerns.

All public servants hold and have the highest duty to ensure the People are protected first, last and always, by honest government actions. This is the fundamental principle under which We the People created governments to serve us.

My conclusion that public servants do not deserve either trust nor confidence is based on the facts of public record. These facts are not escapable because the facts are public record that cannot be denied. No public official or employee may deny public record because you all created them.

Two facts prove the charge that neither trust nor confidence is well placed in you personally nor any other public officer or employee.

Every public officer and employee is required to pledge personal loyalty to both our State constitution and the Federal U.S. Constitution. Neither of these documents creating the People’s governments authorize the legislative bodies to create law holding the People as subjects. Both documents identify specific and limited objects over which legislative bodies hold powers as granted by the People.

Read the legislative sections your self for a clear understanding of your severely limited powers.

The simple and direct reason that my statement is correct and complete is that no Citizen holds powers to regulate their neighbor and thus could not grant a power not held to governments We the People created!

If you do not understand this simple concept you are deceiving not only your government employer yet the People who pay you and created the government you work for.

Government employees, legislators in particular, have granted themselves and all other government employees special status not available to We the People in general.
You operate in your employment under a set of rules, regulations and laws designed to provide public servants protection from investigation, ethics standards, performance standards sub par with normal business standards and private unions protecting the members over government duties to provide honest services to the People that created the government you serve.
You participate and function in a special class.
The special class you function under operates as a ruling class over We the People in exactly the same manner as “King George’s minions crushing the Kings subjects which caused the Revolution of 1776”.

The public record available to every American are filled to the brim with the facts supporting these statements.

In order to defeat my charges, you are required to identify the authority granted by the good People, to governments We the People created and constructed, specifically granted by Constitutions, to regulate the People.

This demand is impossible to fill because the state nor federal constitutions contain no such powers.

The governments are not only empowered yet required to regulate each and every individual or entity created or franchised that could affect the People. This is the first and highest duty of government, the service and protection of the People from harm or injury from either individuals or corporations, or licensed individuals and particularly government actors exceeding their enumerated authorities.

So, in the interest of caution, clarity and preservation of not only good government, yet more to the point your good name, I present the attached PUBLIC SERVANTS PLEDGE, filled out for your execution.

Upon execution and posting the PLEDGE you, _________________________, will be identified as not only the honest public servant, yet more to the point a loyal American, understanding the partnership between the People and government which is the foundation of a healthy vibrant America with a bright future.

Please contact the attorney controlling your agency for verification that the basis of my letter is in accord with honest, proper government administration of the People’s Powers.

Thank you for your time and properly identifying your self before the whole Country.

Sincerely _______________________________


Name of Servant
________________________________ Date:


On this______ Day of ___________, 201 , I,____________________, recognize and understand that my privileged position as a public employee obligates me without defense to comply with the laws of the Confederated States, State Constitutions as written by the good People beginning 1776, Constitution for the United States of America as Amended 1791 .
I, _____________________, understand the good People are the creators and owners of the governments they created.
I,______________________, recognize that the highest law of the United States government, no matter how administered is its Constitution as Amended and controlled by the Bill of Rights.
I,______________________,recognize that the Constitution for the United States of America is an agreement between the Confederated States which holds only powers granted by the Union States as direct trust agents to the good People of the Union States.
I,______________________,recognize my first and highest obligation and duty is to allow no harm to, and to protect, the grantors of the law, the good People, that created the State of ___________________, all of its derivatives, particularly the United States Of America, in all of their proper governmental operations of any nature in action to this present day from the beginning.
I,______________________,recognize that I serve the public trust created by the good People through their constitution of the State of _________________ and the United States of America.
I,______________________,recognize that as a direct, voluntary, paid agent operating in the name of that trust, the State of___________________, and the United States governments, that my first and foremost duty is to allow no harm to the res of the trust [ subject and object] of said trust ,which is the good Peoples individual and collective liberties, lives, properties, and property rights.
I,______________________, now recognize that in the event I allow or have allowed ,by act or omission ,anyone of the Free People of the Union States to be harmed or injured, denied access to the People’s law, that I am committing a breach of the peace, a breach of the public trust, allowing a trespass upon the source of authority of the fundamental law, the good People.
I,______________________, now recognize that I have no defense whatsoever, for allowing or supporting denying the good People access to and protection of the laws of Constitutions I promised to serve.
I,______________________, now recognize that in the event I allow lethal force to be associated with a denial of access to or circumvention of the laws of Constitutions, I have breached the peace, breached the public trust, a trespass, upon the good People of any of the Union States , that I have or will have committed a felony to which there is no defense, and such acts are in fact and deed a conspiracy exposing my divided loyalty and betrayal of my country and the People.
I,______________________, now recognize that no legitimate government in, on, or of America would ever hold subject the People without consent and full disclosure of full authorities and to allow such in any manner whatsoever, I commit a felony against the good People which government currently claims to serve.
I,______________________, now recognize that the Constitution for/of the United States of America legislative section does not authorize the United States to legislate over or subjugate the People of America in any manner.
THEREFORE: I pledge my fidelity and loyalty to the State of ______________, to the United States of America , in their original forum and form as constructed by the One People of the Union States and I will allow no harm to any of the People and in the event I am or become aware of harm to any one of the People I will take all lawful actions for corrective measures.
I,______________________, will hold no defense for breach of my present pledge to protect the People of ____________________ , and all the good People of the United States of America.
I,______________________, will report all public servant wrongdoers, illegal acts, unlawful acts that I’m aware of or become aware of immediately to appropriate authority for full investigation and proper application of the laws applicable to public servants.

Done this ____Day of ________20___ —————————————-
Title/ position, _______________

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