“Lock Her Up!” Is Hillary’s indictment imminent?


Carlsbad, CA
December 5, 2018

by Rich Scheck

Donald Trump campaigned on a theme of draining the swamp and locking up Hillary Clinton for a variety of alleged crimes related to the Clinton Foundation and her use of a private e-mail server while she was Secretary of State to further various pay-to-play schemes.

The Democrats have been fearful of the “Wrecking Ball” from NYC since he first announced his candidacy in the summer of 2015.  They did everything they could to stop him from winning the Republican nomination and the general election.

Having failed they then mounted a furious effort to derail his presidency by casting him as an illegitimate victor who needed Putin’s help to prevail.

The result has been a two-year roller coaster ride of unending accusations and investigations of both a sitting president, top officials of the previous administration and the 2016 Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Like the blind leading the blind, this is like the corrupt attempting to prosecute the corrupt with both parties suffering from years of misconduct and maladministration under the secrecy afforded by the National Security State.

Even while the Mueller investigation seems poised to strike a fatal blow to Trump’s tenure with the high prospect of his impeachment and/or removal from office, The Donald has soldiered on, unflinchingly claiming his innocence against a Witch Hunt fueled by an
eager Mainstream Media whose hatred of him is undisguised.

With the departure of Jeff Sessions, the ascension of a potentially more aggressive Attorney General and the upcoming release of the Huber Report into the Clinton Foundation, Trump seems about to retaliate against his political enemies.

Whether that includes the indictment of Mrs. Clinton in this very high stakes poker game remains to be seen. What is clear is that the pot keeps getting bigger as each side appears ready to go “All In” as the 2020 election has all but begun.

For those of us tired of this media circus who want to see a return to civility, the pursuit of saner policies and the restoration of the rule of law, it is long past time for progress to be made in ending the massive corruption that has strangled our political institutions and rendered them instruments of organized crime as anticipated by President Eisenhower in his 1961 Farewell Address.

I suffer from neither Trump Derangement Syndrome hating all things Trumpian, nor do I accept the “hope porn” promoted by Q Anon, Robert David Steele, or Socha Faal (David Booth).

But the bubble of official lies is growing bigger along with the financial one undergoing unrelenting pressure on Wall Street. I do not know if Hillary is soon to be indicted. But I am confident that the research of many, including that of Charles Ortel, demonstrates that there is enough probable cause for her, Bill and Chelsea to be accused of charity fraud among many other crimes the former president and first Lady may have committed over the decades.

With the government on hold today to honor the passing of President George H. W. Bush (another criminal), the high drama of “dueling narratives” will likely resume almost immediately as the fight for the public’s mind intensifies in the days ahead.

We will see soon enough how this all plays out! https://stonecoldtruth.com/its-a-roller-coaster-ride/

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